About our Method

Reconnect Method

A simple way to re-connect to your wisdom (intuition)!

Intuition… or Thinking?

Sometimes we can find it really difficult, or even impossible, to access ‘our truth’ (to kn0w and trust what is right for us).

For instance you could be faced with a decision and even though you may have a ‘sneaking suspicion’ of what direction to take maybe you still decide not to trust that ‘inner voice’ or that ‘gut feeling’.

When this happens it feels like you can’t hear your intuition, you can’t feel your gut instincts, or perhaps you simply can’t work out where it’s all coming from …and you think to yourself, is it my intuition or is it ‘all in my head?’

It can seem confusing, or unclear, because of all the busy-ness that is happening in our heads, all the ‘thinking’:

  • thinking about what other people think or say;
  • thinking about what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow;
  • thinking about what you will say, then what they will say…then what you will say…;
  • thinking about who is, or was, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’;
  • thinking about what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do, say or feel
  • thinking that YOU don’t know anything
  • thinking that YOU don’t have intuition

The Problem with ‘Thinking’

Unfortunately most of the ‘thinking’ that we do (distracting us from our ‘truth’), comes from limiting fear-based beliefs. We feel fear-full of listening to our inner wisdom (or inner voice) because it is not what other people believe or what we have ‘done so far’. We are afraid that we will: disappoint other people; or fail… or even sometimes, that we will succeed! This is because it is all an ‘unknown’ to us, we don’t yet know what it will ‘look like’. The thing is, it is the journey through life… towards these new experiences, that prepares you for whatever comes… next.

The catch with following your fears: fear is great for giving you a quick adrenaline spike to survive an immediate danger… but it is not great for creating the life you want, or the happiness you crave. Fear is designed to help you survive… but it does not help you thrive!

Unfortunately doing the same things, and thinking the same thoughts… will get you the same results. So if you want something different, in your life and your relationships, if you want to thrive… then it is time to allow your inner wisdom to guide you!

Re-connecting with your Intuition… using The Reconnect Method

The Reconnect Method is a way of helping you to re-connect with your intuition, the truth for YOU.

You can step past your mind chatter and self-doubt.  This method is so simple and you will be amazed at how intuitive you are when you begin to trust your self.

We have all seen ourselves, and others, over react in certain situations.   We can literally wonder what it was really about?!  Imagine understanding why you are over reacting…  imagine having the insight to the ‘heart of the matter’.

Five easy steps to reconnect you to your intuition:

  1. Think of what it is that you want clarity around (personal, financial, health etc.)
  2. Roll the programmed dodecahedron (12 sided dice)
  3. Find the corresponding numbered essence in the Self-Guidebook
  4. Read the relevant information (the wisdom)
  5. Take the essence (vibrational remedy)

We have found this method so successful because it allows people to tap into their own inner wisdom, and successfully bypass The Mind! The Mind is run by old, limiting, often unconscious, fear-based programming including these two popular programs:

  • The Self Sabotage Program (featuring thoughts such as, “I’ll get to it later”, “I’m not ready just yet”, “Once I’ve done…. I’ll be ready” and “Tomorrow/next week I’ll…”)
  • The Limiting Beliefs Program (featuring beliefs such as, “I can’t…”, “I should/shouldn’t…”, “I’m not special enough”,  and “I’m not good enough for…”). 

The Reconnect Method brings you clear insight into the unconscious emotional triggers that tend to dictate your behaviour and life experiences. All you need is the Self-Guidebook and a programmed dodecahedron!

You can buy the Reconnect Method separately and it is also included in the Reconnect with Essence complete set.

With our 40 years of combined practitioner experience, knowledge, and wisdom we lovingly created Reconnect with Essence, and The Reconnect Method and use them in our personal lives and relationships, and with our own clients. We are so excited to be able to finally make these empowering tools available to you!

With Wisdom,
Natasha & Faye